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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Korab - 2.764 m

Golem Korab is the highest peak in R. Macedonia. There are some information that Korab is actually higher than Triglav but they are not confirmed yet (this is in a way important for some people becouse we lived in the same country Yugoslavia and Triglav was know as the highest peak). However trek and climb on Korab are very fascinating - but the problem is that they are available only in particular time in year and not because of weather conditions. The reason is that Korab is located on the borderline between Macedonia and Albania and you need permition from Ministry of Interior to go there. From another point that permition is not hard to take, but it’s administrative bullsheet. Best attempt for Korab is 8 September every year. This is national holiday “Day of Independence” in Macedonia and Mountaineering Association KORAB is organizing group climb.

This year 2005 on 04 September me and few of my friend join the mountaineers from all Balkan Peninsula on Korab. We arrived in Border police station “Pobeda” around 08:00 in the morning and the ascent started in 09:00. There were a lot of mountain people on the route.

I was going very well actually I left my friends behind me for about 40 minutes after the Sheep-house.

One hour after the location on the photo my knee problem said STOOOOP – and I stop and try to recover with some stretching exercises.

I stay there about 40 minutes and my friend arrived. Two of them continued and summited Korab.

Dragan Antonovski and Mirjana Mickovska the summiters (photo taken early in the morning).

Rest of them (Biljana my sister, Bube my girfriend and Vlado my friend) went back down with me at the Pobeda-station. It was their choice they wanted to stop going.

Here is the place where I could no go more -

More information about Korab in English you can find here; Korab on Summitpost


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