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Monday, October 24, 2005

Titov Vrv 2.747m - Shar Planina

Titov Vrv 2.747m is the highest peak on Shar Planina (link do Sara ) (the biggest massif in Macedonia). This weekend my friends Nenad Radeski and Jane Stefanov and me climbed Titov Vrv in four hours on non-standard route.

Nenad and Jane pointing at the summit.

This is funny thing but the route was not standard by mistake we done take right one kilometer before the mountaineering markation and this prolonged ascent to the summit for one more hour. However like all mountains in Macedonia – Sar Planina was gorgeous that day.

...and more....

The weather was mixed there was sun as you can see on the photos, but also very strong wind on the summit. On the way down the weather become very bad with low visibility and heavy wind. The route is starting in Popova Sapka one of two biggest Macedonian ski resort. From Skopje (capitol of R.Macedonia) Popova Sapka is one hour long drive approximately 70 Km. There are a lot of Hotels open during all year, but also you can find private rooms and few very cheep mountaineering hut’s also open. From Popova Sapka there is a macadam road you should follow until you reach mountaineering markation – 45 minutes hike. The place where the real climb starting is named Orlovi Steni (Eagles Rocks).....
.... and from here let’s say demanding walk for 2 hours with some near vertical climb (not technical and rock-climb) and the summit is there. On the very summit there is something that we could named hut it’s open but there is nothing inside – so in a way this are build rock without windows, flour etc.

View from the summit is wonderful the Sar Planina massif is visible if the weather is nice. When we arrive on the summit the sun show up – the goods liked us.

We sow the first snow this upcoming winter on the top.
On the way down the weather become very bad with low visibility and heavy wind. We meet four experienced mountaineers descending and we wait 30 minutes for them so we could go together. This was good decision for several reasons. But the most important for me was that between them was Petar Mitrov – Pepi member of Macedonian Aconcaqua expedition in 1994.

He (left on the photo) summited Aconcaqua in only five days from the base camp. I ask him a million questions regarding the fact my plans for Aconcaqua-climb in the near future. This experience meeting him was excellent.

New thing is that I admit – I have some Aconcaqua plans for very near future, but before I start to post information about I would like everything to be finished: dates, training process, money, team…and more.

How my body felt climbing Titov Vrv? My stomach give me a hard start first one-hour (I solved the problem but it was very cold). My upper body is in good shape and this is maybe my strongest side. During the climb I had some 8 – 10 Kg on my back and I was walking without problems. However I still must work on my stamina – a lot of cardio exercises. Also must lose some weight I thing this is crucial for my knees. They were OK regarding the ITBS problems, but before summit I felt some pain in front where the kneecap is. It was not big pain, but I don’t want to have it again.

How my spirit felt climbing Titov Vrv? Haaah…excellent. Here is the place for one of the best photos from Titov Vrv - moon and the summit.

More photos from Titov Vrv very soon will be add in the photo page of this blog.


Anonymous moby said...

nuki ,ti go sledam blogov od samiot pocetok i sakam da kazam deka se nadevam deka entuzijazmot kje ti se odrzi !
Moze ova e pottik vo nekoja nedefinirana idnina :) da otvoram blog za pecurkarstvo . Za pecurki ,vidovi na pecurki i se' shto e povrzano so niv

plus ,fala za nekoj od linkovite .
naprimer se' dodeka ne go najdov linkot za Korab drushtvoto

mi liceshe ko nekoe "masonsko" drushtvo:)) drushtvo koe postoi a nikoj ne znae kaj mu se prostorii i slicno:)))

p.s ne sum merel vreme ,ama imam pottik da bidam pobrz od saat i deset minuti :)) pazi se!:)

1:41 PM  
Blogger Mile said...

Прифаќам предизвик:)
Мислам викендов поточно во недела бидејќи во сабота работам - да го скршам рекордот одам на 60 - 65 минути, но ќе видиме.
P.S. Можеш слободно Миле да ме викаш.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous moby said...

ok . a od kaj merish?
Aj meri od kaj fontanata. Pominuvash od kaj policijata i meri od kaj fontanata.
Patcinja po izbor bitno za shto pokratko vreme. I kazi shto si napravil. I jas denovive kje vidam koj mi se silite:))

Pa nekad moze i dvoboj da organizirame :) koco racin -sredno vodno -krstot-matka
aj pozzdrav.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Viva la revolution said...

На времето барем три пати неделно правев mount bike тренинг на реалција чаир - врв водно, се разбира без Pit stop варијанти. Вистински предизвик, бидејќи возење угоре знае ептен да те измачи и на моменти е многу понапорно токлку одење пеш. Како и да комбинација е одлична ствар, но со оглед што помалку возам, а и bike -от ми е во лоша состојба( треба да му се фрли кеш да се потстегне), може да ти
се придружам онака пеш на некоја од твоите тури.
п.с.Имам некои интересни фотки од трки па може да ти ги пратам ако сакаш. П

4:43 AM  

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