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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Back from Romania


Problems and more problems....
Romania was not and good experience 4 day lost in "translation". Coming back home was also bad experience with Chez Airlines - (don't use this company - ever).
Aconcaqua plan also with some money problems but solution is very close. In the meantime training activities are running according to planned agenda. Every weekend I’m killing my previous time records on the mountains in Macedonia. Next thing to do is to buy winter equipment and start with some intensive winter training sessions. So far there are two options - Bulgaria and Slovenia. I would appreciate some recommendations regarding winter climbs in Bulgaria and Slovenia, so if somebody know something please write a comment.

Post coming soon:

1. Interview with some people from 1989 Mont Everest expedition: Viktor Groselj from Slovenia, Borce Petkovski from Macedonia.....
2. An article about all Macedonian Himalaya expeditions in the past.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mile,

Continued good luck on the training. I am following your progress and whish you best of luck.


1:00 PM  

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